What’s Coke Got To Do… Got To Do With It?
Jan 2015 26

For a few weeks now, the discussion in my office somehow somewhat has always had coke to do with it and it’s simply… A personalized coke bottle.

This campaign has been running in other countries and of course we knew it was a brilliant idea… But it’s another thing to see these same consumers you try to sell to everyday, go crazy over some commodity.
Everyday, people go out with a to-do list, find a coke bottle with their name on it. And you know the fun part, they don’t need to find one with their name. They see their friend’s name and get excited. So they grab some bottles of coke and go on sharing.
These shows that these hardened consumers can still be penetrated and it’s not about thinking outside the box, it’s about finding what makes them tick.
It’s not about that crazy creative pun that’s not ten(in)ded, it’s about saying things the way they do.
Here’s Orijin that came into the market offering what was already in existent, but tapped into something…. Guys need to cut down on their beer but do not want to be seen as less than men.
We can still create huge brands/successful campaigns if we do one thing; forget about what competition is doing and look for what makes the consumer tick.
I’ve always said brands and consumers are in a relationship. What’s your consumers love language? Use that and get to him/her.
What makes him/her happy? Use that and get to him/her.
Coke hasn’t changed the product one bit, the major reason everyone is buying one is because they’re aroused ( pardon my French).
The conceptualizer of Share a Coke With…. Deserves a special place in heaven and a plate of moimoi… Bless your heart boo.coke 2Photo credits: Twitter