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May 2013 14

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Recently I noticed there has been an avocation for insanity on twitter. This certainly can’t be overlooked because Social networks have become an integral part of our lives.

As we witness the dynamics of the world shift over the years, there is a recent plunge to be insane; an urge to be different yet noticed. This urge could lead to doing supposedly abnormal things to seem cool on the long run but our lazy mind is hindering us from creating our own unique insanity. Therefore we settle by copying the trends of a distinct set of people who have modelled their lives into making the rest of the lazy world follow them and their special way of thinking.

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#Finally: Hashtags Arrive at Facebook, Unlocking a New Arena for Public Chatter
Jun 2013 20

Six months after being named ‘word of the year,’ the hashtag is coming to Facebook.

Yesterday, Facebook announced the first in a series of new features that will make it easier for its users to carry on public conversations – beyond their circle of ‘friends’ – within the platform. This marks a significant shift, as Facebook has traditionally built its conversation platform in a more limited, non-public manner.

Beginning today, users will be able to click through hashtagged words on Facebook. Upon clicking, they will be able to view all public posts – from both individuals and pages – on that same topic. Users can also enter a hashtag directly into the Facebook search bar to explore conversations there.

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