Coca-Cola Gets Personal in Europe with “Share a Coke” Campaign
Jun 2013 17

Summertime is a great time for sharing soft drinks—and Coca-Cola wants to make the most of it in a very personal way with the “Share a Coke” campaign, launching across Europe this month.

“This month we’re swapping our names with yours,” proclaims the world’s leading soft drink in a concept that has a country’s most popular names showing up on Coca-Cola bottle labels. In Great Britain, for example, Coke bottles on shelves this summer will feature 150 of the UK’s most popular names. In addition, Share a Coke vending machines will be on tour so Coke fans can personalize their very own Coca-Cola or Coke Zero bottle. The company is also encouraging Facebook users to create a virtual personalized Coke can to share with someone.

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5 Reasons Building your Online Brand is Vital
Jul 2013 04

Many businesses today are focusing on online brand development, and there is a very good reason why. Building an online brand is no longer an optional marketing step in today’s business environment, since so many people are becoming more and more focused on cyberspace. There are many reasons why online brand building is essential, but the top five reasons are outlined below.


The average person spends multiple hours per day online, and online brand recognition is quickly eclipsing traditional brand building. A strong online presence will allow you to reach not only your target audience, but also to contact potential customers from across the globe, moving beyond your regional marketing reach at a very effective cost to benefit ratio.

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Fighting the Good Fight
Jul 2013 22

For the Past few days, the Nigerian social media space has been in uproar. This extended offline on the 20th of July where-in people gathered in few states of the nation to sign a petition to stop Child marriage.
Child Marriage became an issue about a week ago when the Nigerian senate, in the ongoing constitution amendment procedure, tried making changes to Section 29(4) to remove a clause in the “Renunciation of Citizenship” provision which said “once a girl is married, she is of age”. This was wrongly (I stand to be corrected) interpreted to mean; a child could be married at any age and she becomes “of age”. The Senate however did not obtain enough votes to remove this addendum.

My Blackberry Messenger, My Twitter, My Facebook have all been filled with pictures and updates saying “She’s a child not a bride”.

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5 Things Brands Can Learn From Beyoncé
Dec 2013 20

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, Beyoncé is the queen. Not only is she the queen of pop (I know that’s lofty, but it’s true), but on Thursday night when she surprised the world with the release of her latest album, she became the queen of the internet. And now that its on track to become her best-selling album to date, despitezero promotion (yes, zero), some may even call her the queen of marketing, or lack there of.

Beyoncé’s risky, unconventional and “so-crazy-it-just-might-work” album release has

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