When Marketing is Strategy
Dec 2013 02

When I came across the link to the Harvard article; “When Marketing is Strategy”, I just assumed it would be one of those write-ups that debunk branding and try to showcase marketing as a push-to-sell technique but it proved me wrong. So wrong.

First, I would have to say that Niraj Dawar is an excellent writer. The article is an excerpt from his book:- Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy From Products to Customers.

In essence, the book tried to show how the sources

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Rethinking Brand Growth
Apr 2014 14

One of my favorite questions when a brand leader tells me how much they intend to grow over the next 12 months is to ask them how much they think the market itself will grow. In other words, how much organic growth can they expect the market to give them just for participating versus how much do they think they’re going to have to “find” somewhere else?

If a sector is growing at 3 percent and the brand intends to grow at 20 percent, that 17 percent difference is going to have to come from somewhere, probably a competitor. How, I ask, do you intend to win that 17 percent and who do you intend taking it from?

Some back-reading from McKinsey turns up some interesting findings:

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