5 Things your Logo Should Immediately Say about your Business
Jun 2013 17

Good logo design begins with a passion for your business. When a business owner loves his logo, chances are that his community will as well. Even so, there are 5 essential things that every business’s logo needs to say about that company. Use this checklist when designing business logos to ensure that the first image customers see is a successful hit.


Customers need to know that a business has class. No matter how amusing or edgy a logo may seem, it has to be respectful of all audiences. A company logo design plan needs to include a review by various demographics to ensure that it doesn’t offend any audiences or present any problems otherwise. Businesses should use their judgment when they create a new logo and avoid any crass symbols, taboo subjects or potentially objectionable themes, such as religion and politics, unless they relate directly to the company.

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Fitting Customer Service in your Marketing Strategies
Sep 2013 27

Not branding your customer care is like dressing nicely and forgetting to wash your face and brush your teeth”- Albert Einstein (2013).

Lol. Okay, that quote was from me.

People that know me know I like studying marketing strategies. Not destructive critiquing but studying to see how it was and how it could have been done better.

So everytime I see an advert or press release that I’m excited about, I want to see how well it was implemented.

Moving on quickly,

Few days ago, I stumbled on a digital Ad of an insurance firm called ARM life. The copy said “Meet Joshua; the man with the plan”.

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