Insanely Simple: The value in minimalism
Oct 2013 11

This picture above illustrates how brands, in an attempt to be innovative, we complicate things.

After searching for Ken Segall’s “Insanely Simple” for about 8 months, I got it on my birthday. I’ve never been that excited in my entire life. Fortunately, the book did not disappoint.

I’m not going to give a review of the book… just certain things I learnt from it.

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Dec 2013 13

If you have been constant on the internet for the past one week, you might have seen this video. If you have not, take a moment to watch it before you continue reading, thank you.

This is the farthest I have seen a brand go for its consumers. Now, not in terms of giving them money or cars but in terms of meeting a particular need.

Nothing beats telling someone your need, not expecting it and getting it in the most surprising of ways.

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