Retail Marketing… The Never-Ending Cycle
Aug 2014 03

Retail Marketing is one angle “Brand Specialists” always avoid, and the reason is not far fetched.

I was spurred to write this post after I walked in on a product I had just launched in a salon.

Now, immediately I saw the product, I was excited so I went on to ask the hair stylist for the price, and low and behold, she mentions an amount 200% higher than the recommended retail price and I am not kidding.

I paused for a second, tried justifying why she had to make her gain but something struck me…. While we were planning the market entry for the product, one thing that stood out for us and what we planned to use as a push was the inexpensive pricing. Even at the launch of the product range, we hammered on the affordability of these products.

A retailer selling these product at that price totally defeats the purpose.

Now what I foresee is people not buying the product because it’s ridiculously expensive, and going for the cheaper alternatives, the retailers not buying more from the distributors because well.. they are not “selling” and the company thinking something is wrong with the product or consumers are just not receptive.

This just brought to my realisation the several barriers consumers face even after we have successfully sold our products to them via “branding”. Imagine a snack not selling just because of the way it’s retailers handle it, or a burger not being sold at a Quick service restaurant because the lady behind the counter does not present the brand well.

I know brands, mostly FMCGs have sales men that do rounds and check retailers from time to time, and it just lets us know that branding is a never ending cycle as long as a product/service is needed to be pushed.

I plan to tell my client and then we will run a monitoring of our retail outlets and ensure the price stays reasonable, using media such as digital to drive consumers to recommended retail outlets. However, beyond that we will have to put strategies in place that enlighten these small scale retailers so they do not sell at extravagant amounts as we cannot track all what they do at certain times.

This is then a call to Marketing Officers… your brand consultants/brand communication agencies should work with you through your product life cycle. They should not just come up with beautiful campaign ideas, launch and go to sleep as that is just the first step in the fulfilment on your brand’s overall objective.