Insanely Simple: The value in minimalism
Oct 2013 11

This picture above illustrates how brands, in an attempt to be innovative, complicate things.

After searching for Ken Segall’s “Insanely Simple” for about 8 months, I got it on my birthday. I’ve never been that excited in my entire life. Fortunately, the book did not disappoint.

I’m not going to give a review of the book… just certain things I learnt from it.

It will be good to know that  simplicity is not about taking unnecessary features out of your products,  but making your products as easy for your customers to use as possible. It is giving consumers 2 different distinct products to choose from instead of 10 products with distinct features missing.

It is in having 5 necessary people in your decision making process other than 20.

Another thing to note is that simplicity is not a goal, it is the guiding light that can help a business achieve its goals. It is a work process.

The book also emphasized the power of thinking small which basically means, having a small set of smart people on projects. This improves efficiency as you do not need so many approval process, as a lot of times, this hampers great ideas. And a major thing is the regular participation of the final decision maker.

Most organisations have final decision makers sitting and waiting for projects to be completed before they see and make their inputs which not only kills the morales of the workers but makes projects take longer times.

The Brand Bank – Steve Jobs believed that a company’s brand works like a bank account. When the company does good things, such as launch a hit product or a great campaign, they make deposits in the brand bank. When a company experiences setbacks, it’s making a withdrawal. With a health balance in the brand bank, customers are willing to ride out tough times. With a low balance, they might cut and run. Having a high balance in your brand bank should be the ultimate goal.

 Think Motion – With too much time on your schedule, you are just inviting more opinions and more opportunities to have your ideas nabbed to death.

Think Casual – Embrace the fact that you will get more accomplished when you converse with people rather than present to them. Think big but do not act this way. De-formalize.

In summary, Saying a great deal by saying a little is a whole lot refreshing in a world where people are trying too hard.

The real power of simplicity is seen when it becomes a company-wide obsession. It should be the soul of your company.

Happy Simplification.