Dec 2013 13

If you have been constant on the internet for the past one week, you might have seen this video. If you have not, take a moment to watch it before you continue reading, thank you.

This is the farthest I have seen a brand go for its consumers. Now, not in terms of giving them money or cars but in terms of meeting a particular need.

Nothing beats telling someone your need, not expecting it and getting it in the most surprising of ways.

The consumer equity Westjet airlines succeeded in acquiring just by this single (or maybe multiple) act is way more than what some brands will acquire in their lifetime.

Now, I have worked on brands and I know how “generous” can be. Giving out millions  to select consumers but not being moved in anyway. Consumers want to know you are taking that extra step for them.

We all know when our “partners” give us money, and do things for us just because that is how they feel relationships should be handled. However, when you take that extra step and do something emotional for your partner, it goes a longer way.

Brands are in a relationship with their consumers. A lot of times, it is fair-weather. Most brands and their consumers are acquaintances but brands that have managed to do things extra have moved to “friends with benefits zone”.

Being in a romantic relationship with you brand still rules. You have ups and downs but you still go on because your consumers have feelings (in this case, equity) for you.

The fruits of Westjet’s action will be seen when consumers will stay loyal because the TV (in an instance) they surprisingly got for Christmas was by Westjest. Even when the airline experiences technical or human resource challenges.

This is not going to be a long post. The point, I am trying to make is, consumers know when you are giving for “marketing sake”, and when you are trying harder to win their hearts. The latter is better.

How far will your brand go for its consumers?