Fitting Customer Service in your Marketing Strategies
Sep 2013 27

Not branding your customer care is like dressing nicely and forgetting to wash your face and brush your teeth”- Albert Einstein (2013).

Lol. Okay, that quote was from me.

People that know me know I like studying marketing strategies. Not destructive critiquing but studying to see how it was and how it could have been done better.

So every time I see an advert or press release that I’m excited about, I want to see how well it was implemented.

Moving on quickly,

Few days ago, I stumbled on a digital Ad of an insurance firm called ARM life. The copy said “Meet Joshua; the man with the plan”.

You don’t see many Nigerian companies personalize their brand so this was impressive.

I went to their website and it was not followed through well (but that’s for another day).

On the Ad it said, call a particular number.

My colleague did the calling, and I’ll transcribe it here.

Colleague: Hello

ARM Life: *female voice* Hello, My name is Joshua, How may I help you.

Colleague: Joshua? you sound more like a “Tina”.

ARM Life: *chuckles”

Colleague: I saw your Ad so just wanted to confirm.

ARM Life: Thank You.



*calms down*

Okay, you really cannot say I should call Joshua, the “Man” with the plan and I’m speaking with a female who has the audacity to call herself Joshua, instead of apologizing??

Or couldn’t they have pushed it a little further and have a family setting so if a female picks it she says she is Joshua’s wife??

You would have to pay me for that idea.

Notice, how while transcribing the call I said “ARM Life” not “ARM customer care”.

Your customer care is You. If it is going to be people’s first impression of you, then make it count.

I keep telling people once you make your brand human, 99% of your problems will be solved.

Imagine your friend tells you about this great guy, you fall in love, get his phone number, and when you call, it’s a female?


It diminishes your credibility. If what is being said about you is not really what you do, then how am I meant to believe any transaction with you will be truthful?

All I’m saying is; your customer care should fit in line with your strategy. Never ever leave them aside.


That same day, we saw a press release in the newspaper “IPTV to come to Nigeria” and the main drivers proposed was ipNX.

Beautiful! So we called to confirm. I would have to transcribe again.

Colleague: Hello

ipNX: Hello, this is ipNX, how may I help you.

Colleague: I saw a press release about you bringing IPTV to Nigeria so I want to make enquiries.

ipNX: Sorry?

Colleague: *reiterated*

IPTV: Sorry, there’s no such thing.

I’ll leave out the rest of the conversation.


As far as consumers are concerned, ipNX does not know what “they” put in the news.

If your ear or mouth is disabled, there are some things you cannot perform; there are some people who will not associate with you.

Now, relating that to an organisation. If your first point of call is below par, some people will be put off…. a lot of people.


In essence, all I’m encouraging organisations to do is have a connection between all aspects of your business and make sure the people that need to have certain information have it “before” it is required.

I had earlier written a post on employees as your brand ambassadors.


*wipes lone tear and walks off stage*


  • Steve Tope Oladimeji

    Well thought-out and beautifully written… Couldn’t say less. Thumbs up!

    • Edidiong Uwemakpan

      Thank You. :)