Cheers to a New Year of Di’magining
Dec 2014 31

2014 was an amazing year!!! We can say that again and again.

Albeit a busy year,  (and apologies for the lazy blogging); it was a year of new clients, new experiences.

The best marketing communication innovation we saw for the year was this Hair-Raising Subway Ad . This clever ad technically blows away the competition as it uses a bit of technology to transcend the limits of the medium.

Apotek, a pharmacy brand, outfitted subway platform ads in Stockholm with ultra-sonic sensors that discerned when a train was coming. The ad featured a model with a lush mane, and when the train came, her hair flapped in the wind and she struggled to keep it in place.

The tagline: Make your hair come alive. Talk about perfect dramatization of your brand’s proposition.

See ad below –


We really do not want to leave 2014  behind… but on to the next one:

New year New Us!!!

Yes, Us… we are expanding… New writers, more consistent blogging, etc.

The most important reader of this blog is you. Thanks for thinking differently and going further to do them differently.

Cheers to conquering 2015 together….