Blackberry: Keys To Reviving A Dying Brand
Jun 2015 13

I admit it – I called them for dead. I thought Blackberry was gone. I think a lot of us did. But if this article in AdAge is more than just hype on the part of the company and its ad agency, perhaps that call was premature. I am still

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What’s Coke Got To Do… Got To Do With It?
Jan 2015 26

For a few weeks now, the discussion in my office somehow somewhat has always had coke to do with it and it’s simply… A personalized coke bottle.

This campaign has been running in other countries and of course we knew it was a brilliant idea… But it’s another thing to see these same consumers you try to sell to everyday, go crazy over some commodity.

Everyday, people go out with a to-do list, find a coke bottle with their name on it. And you know the fun part, they don’t need to find one with their name. They see their friend’s name and get excited. So they grab some bottles of coke and go on sharing.

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Oct 2014 26

Presenting to you, my best ad of the year… and it’s still October.

Adobe Marketing Cloud has been running a campaign “Do you know what your marketing is doing” with advertisements that show how we (marketers) misinterpret data while making serious brand decisions.

We have seen people crack B2C advertising by tapping into consumer interest but most B2B advertisements put out are always boring-serious-not-relatable campaigns.

Adobe with this understands the biggest challenge of the digital advertising marketing and is sure going to be a success. 

Thank You Adobe.

2014; Our Year of Disruptive Innovation
Dec 2013 31

It is the last day of the year 2013. This year was no doubt awesome. At Di’magination, It was about about Firsts. We tried a lot of things for the first time, we made a lot of mistakes and we learnt a lot of lessons.

For technology and innovation (which basically rules this Digital Age), 2013 was a year of false innovation. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not saying nothing happened, but nothing broke grounds as such. None of them signalled a change in culture and in the way humans do things.

What’s 2014 going to be like??

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