MTN: The Year of a better me.
Jan 2015 22

I had like 10 emotions run through when I saw this. Are these guys joking? Is this for real? What’s marketing turning into?

Then I calm down and see that, really… What do people want?
And I have my answer there: What MTN is giving.
So Nigeria is a very religious country, and at the start of every new year, while resolutions are being made, churches give prophecies in form of phrases which their members latch on to for the rest of the year. Some even name kids born that year a variant of the phrase.
And that’s what MTN tapped into, the culture of people needing what to believe in for the rest of the year.
Best part was them supporting it with an app that helps you be more efficient as it has a to-do list and all sorts.
In the end, Consumer culture wins


Cheers to a New Year of Di’magining
Dec 2014 31

2014 was an amazing year!!! We can say that again and again.

Albeit a busy year, (and apologies for the lazy blogging); it was a year of new clients, new experiences.

The best marketing communication innovation

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How Do Brand and Marketing Strategies Differ
Sep 2014 02

Leaders are sometimes confused about the difference between brand and marketing. This is not surprising, because they are not mutually exclusive ideas. They are interdependent strategic activities that feed, inform, and drive each other. The important distinction to make is in the intent – and desired outcome – of each area.

Brand strategy defines how people should ideally feel about your business and products. It strives to find how to optimize belief in what you do offer, and what you stand for in the world…

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Retail Marketing… The Never-Ending Cycle
Aug 2014 03

Retail Marketing is one angle “Brand Specialists” always avoid, and the reason is not far fetched.

I was spurred to write this post after I walked in on a product I had just launched in a salon.

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