Brand Licensing

Licensing means nothing more than the renting or leasing of an intangible asset.   As your brand grows, it’s equity also increases or decreases. A brand’s equity is derived from the awareness and image a brand holds with its consumers. 

After spending so much on developing your brand and its personality, it is expedient that you license those assets which you have built when you think the time is right.

This is where Di’magination comes in. We audit your brand and verify if it’s ready  to be licensed.

Brand Extension is the best way to get financial return out of a strong brand.

An example of intangible assets includes a song (African queen), a character (Mickey mouse), a name (Don Jazzy) or a brand (Coca cola).

A licensing agreement authorizes a company which markets a product or service (a licensee) to lease or rent a brand from a brand owner who operates a licensing program (a licensor).  Companies who know their brands well will have a good understanding of the equity of the brand.

Di’magination provides a full brand extension service, developing a very complete licensing program.

Our Consulting service assists manufacturers and retailers in identifying and licensing brands for their products to provide them with a competitive advantage. These services include:

  • Licensing Strategic Planning
  • Brand Selection
  • Licensee selection
  • PR & Marketing Coordination & Support
  • Licensor Management.