Brand Building and Consumer-based Equity
Jul 2013 16

I have tried to convince a few sales/business-oriented people that building their brands was much more essential than going straight up to marketing their products/services.

But their question was always; how do I make the money I used to build my brand back?
And I’ll attempt to answer it with an illustration now.

When you spend your money on clothes to look good, why do you do it?
Do you look good to be respected? If you do, how

much is respect in currency? Yes, respect can get you money but is it always guaranteed? But respect feeds your ego, you feel good, you are motivated to do better.

Again, when you spend money on shoes, is it to be noticed? If it is, do you get noticed all the time? Can you guarantee the compliments you’ll get? Can you ‘categorically’ say that that boy will hit on you?

Brands are people too. Brands have personalities. Brands need love. Brands want to show their curves. Brands want to grow. Brands want to look good.

In the end, these brands get noticed, these brand get respected, these brands get love, these brands make money.

Will you decide to wear tattered shoes because the day you wore it, you did not get the feedback you wanted? Obviously not.
Our consumers are those we want that feedback from. The love, the respect, and in the end, the money. That is what we call “consumer-based equity”.
No, we cannot always guarantee this. But we can work towards it.
If you want to get someone to love you, its only a matter of time, show them that love.
Likewise, Your brand can be a love-giver, and it will get love

If your brand acts like a “player”, always flunctuating prices based on competition, that’s what it’ll get in return; Unfaithfulness.

So let’s build brands. Let’s give value, and let’s earn “consumer-based equity”.

Lol. This sounded like a speech, I’m sorry. I’m just really passionate about this.
*wipes lone tear and walks off stage*

Disclaimer: All typographical errors are of the devil.