Brand Ambassadors: Your Employees First.
Jun 2013 21

If there’s one thing I recently noticed brands in Nigeria are excited about is having “Ambassadors”. Apparently, they think its some passport to fame and popularity. While, this may be true in some cases, it doesn’t necessarily spur conversions and sales.


It’s simply because picking an ambassador should be based on how your target audience connects to that individual and not just because the individual is popular.

and here’s a nit-pick, most consumers have come to see these celebrity ambassadors as everyday marketers so they might not necessarily spur decisions.

However, if you just desire to use them for publicity. Apt.

Remembering what happened few months ago in Nigeria, where the PRO of an organisation couldn’t state the website of that organization and the first thing on my mind is; YOUR EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE YOUR FIRST AMBASSADORS”.

If these guys don’t speak for you ,who will?


Let them understand the vision of the organisation.

Train them; On how to reply customers questions, on how to respond to bad publicity. ┬áMake sure they have the resources to share the company’s brand accurately. Use items like T shirts, trinkets to remind them of the brand’s core message.

Provide a positive work environment because its way easier for your employees to give positive reviews when they feel positive about their work environment. Make effort to make work fun and feel like home to them. Who wants to speak bad about their home?

and overall, Treat them well. because in the end, if you don’t treat them well, they’ll be the “bad publicity” you dread.