2014; Our Year of Disruptive Innovation
Dec 2013 31

It is the last day of the year 2013. This year was no doubt awesome.  At  Di’magination, It was about about Firsts. We tried a lot of things for the first time, we made a lot of mistakes and we learnt a lot of lessons.

For technology and innovation (which basically rules this Digital Age), 2013 was a year of false innovation. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not saying nothing happened, but nothing broke grounds as such.  None of them signalled a change in culture and in the way humans do things.

What’s 2014 going to be like??

We see 2014 as the year of Disruptive Innovation.

For those who need clarification; a disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology (via Wikipedia).


– Every one is going to want to own a smart watch. Like, Rolex is so 2013. (lol. I kid). But Smart watches would become the thing.

– Why wear that Rayban when you can have a Google glass? The Google glass is definitely going to become more widespread.

– More phone calls will be made via the internet. Hey, What’s a Vodafone?

– More cloud storage, Less flash drives. Can I get an Amen?

– 2014 should be the year of short films. Okay, this is more of a prayer but can we leave 3-hour movies in 2014, there is so much faffing we can do on the internet with our time.

Coming closer to home, Nigeria…

– The E-commerce space will be much more cluttered than it is right now. The leaders (Jumia and Konga) are not going anywhere anytime soon though. That is, until individuals rushing into the E-commerce space, sit down and come up with a working strategy.

– Banks are going to disrupt the E-commerce space. At the moment, no fewer than 4 big Nigerian banks own E-commerce platforms and they are doing this to foster the use of their Debit cards. I imagine a situation where only a bank’s debit card works with discounts on it’s platforms while other debit cards will be charged at the actual amount.

(While I believe there are better ways to foster the use of Debit cards, let’s see what these banks have in store for us in 2014)

– Ghen Ghen! This disruption is for Advertising agencies. Organisations will start having In-house creative departments. Admen! What’s our back-up Plan??


Tech StartUps

– More and More Tech StartUps will be created, most, creating Apps that add no value to people’s lives. Where are investors running to ? ahn ahn :(

One unsolicited advice I’ll give to developers is to make technology that adds practical value. If you study trends, you would see farming is becoming huge in Nigeria. Let’s make Applications that will affect this sector positively!!

– Aha! Organisations will start to see that having a million likes on Facebook does not translate to any meaningful ROI. Did I hear “Social Media Strategists” boo me? Just come up with a new strategy.

I believe all the organisations going to be affected by these changes are planning how to adapt and succeed.


Cheers to an extra-ordinary 2014! Let’s do great things together!